Understanding the Bleed Area and Canvas Guidelines

You may be wondering about the bright blue lines or guides you see around your design. (Below is an example of a Business Card with lines/guides)

These guides are the Bleed lines (outer lines) and the Text-Safe lines (inner lines).


1. Bleed Lines - which are also called Trim lines are used to mark the area where the printed materials are trimmed. Thus, these lines will be the actual edge of the printed materials after trimming.

2. Bleed Area - is the area from the bleed lines to the ends of the design/document. This area will be cut off by printers, the purpose is to ensure that there will be no white strips on the sides (caused usually of inaccurate cutting/trimming). The bleed area we use for Offline Wizard for all Print Categories is 0.125 inch thick - that is 1/8 of an inch.

3. Text-Safe Lines - where all texts and necessary graphics should not go beyond. It is 0.125 inch from the Bleed lines.

4. Text-Safe Zone - is the area enclosed by the text-safe lines where all texts and necessary graphics should be placed. The purpose is to ensure a good distance from the actual edge of the document and to prevent texts from being cut off.


Texts-Safe Zone 

Below are examples of Correct and Wrong placement of texts on Text-Safe Zones.

1. The example above is correct because texts are placed inside the text-safe lines(pointed by green arrows).

2. The example above is wrong because texts go beyond the text-safe lines(pointed by red arrows).


Bleed Areas

 Below are examples of Correct and Wrong placement of Background elements (such as borders, photos, etc. ) in the bleed area.

1. The above example is correct because the element on the corner is extended from the bleed lines up to the end of the document, thus making use of the bleed area. 

 2. The above example is wrong because the element did not extend to the end of the document. It is ideal that we extend the background elements to avoid white edges or dark blue edges(in this case) after trimming.



Below are figures of a design in Easy Offline Wizard and the design after printed and trimmed.

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